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There is a void in the industry that League fills. Most companies either offer one of the 2 opportunities:


Job Listing #1 Brokers

~$35k Salary

20%-25% Commission (if higher than salary)

No Experience

~6 Months Training Before Sales

 Job Listing #2 Agents

 Only Experienced Agents Wanted

 Commission Only

 50%+ Commission Tiers

 No Training

What about the people who want High Commission without salary but need to be trained? I haven't found anything like that.
Join League and get the training you need with no prior experience. Don't trade your high commissions for a small salary. 
Start the right way with a team that supports each other and offers the guidance new brokers desperately need to be successful. Watch this video for everything we offer and what to look for when choosing a brokerage. 

To apply to join League, please email
For FAQ's and to see our learning format visit 

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